Lovina Beach Brewery

Proud To Be Local

PT Lovina Beach Brewery, established in 2010, has been at the forefront of product development, focusing on handcrafted spirits. Collaborating with its subsidiary, PT Lovina Indo Sukses, the company aims to introduce a diverse range of beverages that embody the essence of being “Proud to be Local.”

Notably, Stark Craft Beer has emerged as a monumental brand within the craft beer industry, while Kaja embraces exclusivity as a malt-based spirits drink. A range of “arak” beverages is also dedicated to preserving traditional heritage value.

Each brand produced by the company is dedicated to implementing distillation and brewing processes that are free from chemicals and preservatives, drawing inspiration from the finest natural ingredients.

Strategic Distributors’ Location

PT Lovina Beach Brewery’s products are now available throughout Indonesia through a strategic network of distributors. Distributors are located in Jakarta to cover the western region of Indonesia, while distributors in Bali cater to the central and eastern regions. Our vision for the future is to create products that meet global standards, showcase the cultural richness of Indonesia, and compete in an increasingly competitive global market.

Board of Directors & Commissioner

Jacob Suryanata


Bona Budhisurya

President Director

Albert Kurniawan

Director of Operation

Anna Vanessa

Director of Finance

Ryanrafail Wiranata

Head of Audit Comittee